How Skin Resurfacing Method Reduce Signs of Aging in Your Face

26 Oct

Skin care is diverse and you can reduce the chances of your skin aging by having procedures done to make your skin look young again, along with many procedures patients nowadays have an option of choosing from injections, laser treatment and the most recent and which is what we will focus on today called the ultherapy which can be done by the SkinMD for instance.

Ultherapy  is the non surgical procedure approved by FDA  which is the food and drugs administration  to lift and firm your facial skin, this device makes use of ultrasound waves  penetrating to deep layers  of your skin stimulating production of collagen, read more about this treatment here.

As with other modes of treatment ,co2re laseris recommended for patient with a good health record and the treatment is ideal and works perfect for people who have started to show signs of aging like sagging skin on the jaw line, brow or neck typically people who are in their 30 and early 40s.

Ultherapy treatment is anon invasive procedure and does not require surgery or anesthesia, the treatment is relatively comfortable and within no time after the procedure has been carried out you will still manage to go back to your normal routines which makes it a perfect cosmetic treatment, as much as there will be skin redness, the redness will clear after a few hours.  Know more aboutSkin Resurfacing here!

To get the skin looking younger and tighter, ultherapy uses two methods to achieve that look, first the  waves heat the dermal which is underneath your skin and this makes the tissues to tighten, later stimulating collagen production for a tighter skin appearance, you can browse more information here.

The big difference and what makes ultherapy more beneficial to the skin as compared to skin resurfacing is that it concentrates more on the deeper tissues going deeper like 3mm  while the laser resurfacing focuses on the outer layer of the skin, click for more here.

During the treatment process the surgeon  places the ultherapy device on the affected skin and the tissues are projected on the screen and the device will then send the ultraviolet waves deep in the skin which makes the skin feel tighter.

The duration for the treatment will depend on the real which is being treated ,if it is the face it will take about 20-30 minutes but for the next it can take about an hour, this is faster since it does not require anesthesia and does not result in discomforts. Find out some more facts about health through

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